About Me

I like many others have experienced various discomforts around my health. Little did I know at the time that most of them were a result of the foods that I consumed, the poor relationships I maintained or the lack of motivation in my life. Doctor visits proved useless because they could not find the root cause to my concerns nor did any medications prescribed show effective. The little relief I did experience was received when my mother provided herbal remedies that her parents once produced for her and her siblings in their time of need.

However, slow and steady changes in my way of eating brought further relief. So much so, I became curious as to how certain foods affected different people the way they did. My personal development grew rapidly and this could be seen by everyone around me as I engaged in a wellness lifestyle. I shared my discoveries with those who inquired or gave a listening ear to my recommendations. As a result, I developed an appreciation for health and well-being, so choosing the path of a Wellness Coach was a natural progression.

After teaching in public and private school sectors for many years, it became more apparent that specializing in assisting the needs of others was my life’s work. I decided to seek out further education on the nutritional foundation my mother laid. After researching several schools I chose the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and received the necessary training to become a Wellness Coach.

In my years of being a Wellness Coach, one thing is crystal clear to me, everything is food and food changes everything.

Wellness is a term that is used to not only exhibit the absence of disease, but also the absence of the signs or risk factors thereof. To be in a state of absolute wellness, one has to experience harmony in all seven dimensions of wellness. This includes their physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, environmental, social, and mental body. When all seven are in alignment you will have achieved “Absolute Wellness”

As a Wellness Coach, I specialize in “Food Therapy”, a term I coined because our relationship to the foods we eat affects all areas of our life. In the same light, all that encompasses our life effects our food decisions. By its nature, everything in your life works to provide some form of nourishment to your temple (body). As your coach I will be working with you to see how your relationships, emotions, career and environment reflect on your food choices.

Known as "The Food Therapist" for my uniquely structured multi-tiered program designed to increase your awareness of your relationship to the foods you consume, I will provide you with the tools to create the life you desire.

I have studied hundreds of dietary theories, taking many of them into practice myself. What I have gained from my experience is the key to my success and the success of my clients.

Together we will create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

If you are ready to live the life you desire, realistically obtain your goals and experience optimal health, then now is time to start your journey. 

As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.  

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